About Association

About Association of the SKSU anmed by M.Auezov.
         Association of the graduates of th SKSU named by M.Auezov is functioning on the basis of the university.
The objects of the Association are:
-                     To define the perspectives of the development of different specialties taking into an acoount requirements of market and economical policy of our country
-                     To realize the mechanism of the development and to support social-oriented partnership of the university with different structures of the government system, emploeers and businessmen on the basis of the development and support of eneterprise policy.
-                     To train high qualified specialists
-                     To supply professional specialities considering conditions of the market policy.
-                     To make projects and to introduce innovations.
                               Portfolio files of suggestions for the partnership
Profitable conditions of the partnership at the SKSU named by M.Auezov.
From the side of the university:
1. Making of the data base for the graduates
2. Publication of album “Proud of our university” for the graduates of the SKSU.  
3. Gallery of the graduates of the SKSU.
4. Mass Media Publication of the articles about personal achievements and scientific contribution  
5. Image support (information to be published in republic, regional and oblast magazines and etc.)
6. Right to be awarded by the administration of the SKSU.
7. Giving an academic degree of professor of the SKSU.
8. Supporting the demonstrative lectures about professional skilfullness.
9. Opportunities to take an active place in scientific projects meetings amoung scientists of the SKSU.
10. Free using of the classroom, conference hall (480 seats) and equipments for different meetings at the university.
11. Free using of the services at the libraries, disseratational hall, report fond of scientific research work and Internet.
12. Making book facts which innclude all information concerning history of the successful carreer development and professional progerss of the graduates.  
From the side of the graduates:
1.                  Propaganda of the university
2.                  To intriduce any question concerning Association’s activities for the discussion
3.                  To take active participation in different conferences, to publish in different scientific publications of the articles.
4.                  To be sponsor for the university
5.                  To support in workplace supply policy for the graduates.
6.                  To support in expanding the base of the professional practice for the students.